ShaySoy in Aquaculture Nutrition

ShaySoy, is a brand name for wet extruded full fat soybean and has several advantages for cattle nutrition. ShaySoy is produced by the most advanced machinery and technology of Swiss BUHLER company. ShaySoy quality is controlled by a series of complete tests.

Using extruded full fat soybean (ShaySoy) in aquaculture rations is advised, especially to cold water fishes such as trout and salmon. Because these types of fish have the capability to digest ShaySoy very easily rather than other feed ingredients. Aquaculture feed with up to 50% content of full fat soybean are successively used in the USA. The addition of up to 30% full fat soybean to ration of carp also provides good results.

The economical levels for ShaySoy usage in aquaculture ration is 20-30% of concentrate feed.

ShaySoy benefits in aquaculture ration:


•  Good oil replacement in aqua feed and increasing pellet quality
•  High digestibility and good sources for energy and protein in feed formulation
•  High content of tocohperoles, isoflavones and other natural antioxidants
•  Improving lipid digestion and metabolism due to high lecithin and phospholipids content
•  Improving quality of aquaculture product especially increase n-3 fatty acid, conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) and vitamin E in milk and meat

•Because of proper heat treatment with advanced technology for destroying anti-nutritional factors, ShaySoy has no limitations, for use in aquaculture ration.
• ShaySoy inclusion in aquaculture feeds will be limited by ingredients composition and the level of total fat in the ration.

Store ShaySoy, in cool and dry conditions away from sunlight and pest (rodents).

Expiration ShaySoy is best used within 6 months from the date of production.

ShaySoy is packed in 40kg laminated polypropylene bags.