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ShaySoy (Full-Fat Soybean): ShaySoy is a brand name for wet extruded full fat soybean as feed ingredient for using in livestock, poultry and aquaculture rations. For ShaySoy production, soybeans are preconditioned by pressured steam and finally processed in an extruder. ShaySoy has a high content of lipid and is a good source of amino acids for animal ration formulation. Heat treatment during processing destroys all of the soybeans anti-nutritional factors. ShaySoy can be used as a good energy and protein source in feed of broiler, breeder, layer, feedlot and dairy cow, sheep, horse, rabbit and pet animals at the all ages.

The objective in soybean processing is to apply the optimum amount of heat to produce the most nutritious product. For this purpose several methods are available and are all based upon a combination of temperature and time with sometimes additional moisture, added occasionally as steam. These methods include extruding, expanding, jet-exploding, flaking, cooking, roasting, micronizing and microwave.

ShaySoy, in Shayan Energy and Protein Co. is produced by advanced wet extruder technology from Swiss BÜHLER Company. For ShaySoy production, using Swiss made machinery and equipments result in a complete process of soybean by exact combination of time and temperature. In general in other methods for processing soybean, insufficient heating, or underprocessing, will negatively impact amino acid digestibility because the anti-nutritional factors are not adequately destroyed. Excessive heating, or overprocessing, will negatively impact amino acid digestibility because a portion of the amino acids have either been destroyed or tied-up as indigestible, bound compounds


ShayFlax (Full-Fat Flaxseed): ShayFlax+ is a trade name for a unique product of wet-extruded full-fat flaxseed which is produced in a special formulation without any oil extraction by using the most modern technology and machinery of Switzerland BÜHLER Company. ShayFlax+ is an excellent source of energy and protein for ruminants and mono-gastric animals. This Product is full of omega-3 fatty acids, and it contains more than 57% alpha-linolenic acid (ALA) in total crude fat …